The Everyday Disciple Club

Are you ready to grow closer to God and get excited about your relationship with Jesus?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You want to be more consistent in your Bible reading, but you really don't get a lot out of it.
  • You want to pray more, but God feels so far away!
  • You wish you had more friends that loved Jesus so you had people to talk to when living a Christian life gets hard.
  • You have so many questions about what to do and how to live. Surely being a disciple has to be more than just asking, "What would Jesus do?"!
  • You desperately want to be closer to God, you just aren't sure how.

Or maybe...

  • You are consistent with your Bible study, but want to find other friends that are willing to be honest and open about the ups and downs of daily disciple life.
  • You read your Bible regularly, but you want to learn more about how to study the Bible on your own, without just doing another workbook study.
  • You're ready to be excited about your relationship with Jesus again. 

You've tried reading your Bible more. You've tried praying more. But you still feel like something is missing.


  • You wake up looking forward to opening your Bible
  • You actually enjoy your private prayer time, and you aren't nervous when someone asks you to pray aloud!
  • You start to recognize the work of God in the most surprising places
  • You are more familiar with what God's Word says, and it is getting easier and easier to make decisions that line up with what it says
  • You realize that you aren't near as irritated as you used to be, and you're kinder to your husband and kids
  • You have a group of Christian friends to turn to when you start feeling anxious or depressed, and you know that not only will they pray for you, they'll pour godly encouragement on you

Welcome to The Everyday Disciple Club!

The place for women who want to grow closer to God, make godly friends, and get excited about their relationship with Jesus Christ!

What you can expect in The Everyday Disciple Club:

  • Grow closer to God and be excited about your relationship with Jesus!
  • Gain confidence through Bible study, training, and community
  • Gain consistency through monthly plans and devotions
  • Find support and encouragement through community prayer and devotion calls
  • Get always-on access to the community and resource library

If you are ready to grow closer to God and more excited about your relationship with Jesus Christ, then join The Everyday Disciple Club today!

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