Everyday Disciple Club

Struggling to read the Bible?

Are you ready to restore your delight in the Lord and His Word?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You want to be more consistent in your Bible reading, but you really don't get a lot out of it. Life keeps getting in the way, and it makes you feel so guilty!
  • You want to pray more, but God feels so far away! In fact, you're not sure you would recognize His voice if He spoke to you.
  • You’re worried that God is secretly disappointed with you, and you have missed your opportunity to be used for His glory.
  • You’re insecure about where you stand with God and maybe even scared that you’re not destined to spend eternity with Him because you somehow messed it up.
  • You feel alone and wish you had a group of women you can be vulnerable about these things with.
  • You’re tired of acting like everything is okay when you know full well it’s not.
  • You desperately want to be closer to God, you just aren't sure how.

If so, you're not alone.

These are the thoughts the enemy constantly tries to feed you to keep you paralyzed in your walk with Christ.

You’re bombarded with expectations telling you that you need to study the Bible daily for an hour with the perfect markers, the perfect devotional, and the right Bible. 

You’re stuck in this perfectionism trap and you always fall short – so you quit your study plan halfway through.

That’s because perfectionism is the enemy of consistency.

Because when things don’t go perfectly, you feel behind and throw in the towel. Catching up feels overwhelming and you sit there disappointed in yourself…again.

 But I’m here to remind you,

There is no behind with Jesus!

Everyone’s relationship with God looks different because we’re all uniquely created individuals and our relationship with God is personal to us.

You’ll never be able to remove the perfectionism expectations the world throws at you, but you can remove yourself from them. 

You don’t have to internalize these expectations because…

Jesus freed you from the expectation of perfection. You're already made whole and perfect with God through Him.

So, whenever you try to add something else to Him like “Jesus and the perfect markers” or “Jesus and the right devotional,” you’re left feeling empty.

 Because only Jesus can fulfill you – you don’t need anything else. 

All you really need for Bible study is a Bible and a heart willing to seek and hear from the Lord.

It can be hard to do this on your own – and thankfully, we were never called to do it all by ourselves.

God designed us for fellowship so that we can lean on each other during our spiritual journeys. 

But we live in a virtual world, and the enemy likes to use it to isolate us from other believers. When we’re isolated, we’re at our weakest spiritually, and the devil attacks us.

And sometimes, we need a community that we’re not getting elsewhere. 

To help connect you with others going through the same challenges as you, I created a group coaching program with a supportive community of believers.

Hi, I'm Cat!

I'm a Jesus-loving, coffee-obsessed woman of God! 

As a young adult, I had walked away from God’s will and lived through the most miserable decade of my life. When I finally returned to Him through an unforgettable personal revival, I craved reading my Bible more and being more intimately familiar with my Lord and Savior. know Him more. I was hungry for Him and His Word. 

But, I also felt like a brand new Christian again. I found the Bible confusing and knew I had to unlearn a lot of bad habits. Thankfully, like the faithful Father He is, He led me through the growth process with a loving hand and placed amazing Godly mentors in my life.

Now, God has sparked a passion within me to encourage other believers to be in the Word and restore their delight in the Lord – just like my mentors did for me. I love helping women who are new to or growing in their faith become disciples in their everyday lives. It’s my greatest joy to walk alongside these women while they pursue and enjoy a thriving, vibrant, and intimate relationship with their Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ.

And that’s what we do in the Everyday Discipleship Club!


The Everyday Disciple Club

The group for women who are ready and excited to grow closer to Jesus - together.

When you join the Club you'll get:

Experience the joy of diving into God's Word with purpose and clarity. 

Each month, you’ll receive a thoughtfully curated Bible study guide to dig into the Word of God alongside other members or at your own pace. These Bible studies are designed to be about 10 minutes long with built-in flexibility in case you miss some days!

Exclusive Library 

An on-demand library of resources filled with Bible studies, study tools, life tools, coaching call recordings, and more. Every month, we add more resources to the library to help you grow closer to God and overcome the perfectionism trap in all areas of your life.

Powerful prayer time with your sisters in Christ

Join us each week for a time of community prayer. Feel free to share your prayer requests so we can pray over you. The prayer calls are on Thursdays at 7:30 a.m. CT and last only 15 minutes – but those who want to keep praying together are more than welcome to stay! For privacy purposes, the prayer calls are never recorded.

Private Facebook Community

We were never called to do all of this alone. In our private Facebook community, you can meet other women just like you and build connections and friendships with supportive people. 

Support to grow as a disciple of Jesus

Experience Discipleship calls every other week, where you get personal coaching in real time. They coordinate with the monthly themes for extra encouragement during your Bible study. The coaching calls last 30-60 minutes and are offered at different times of the week to accommodate schedules, and you can access past recordings in the library

Accountability and Support

Every aspect of our Club is designed to help you build deep connections with fellow members who are on a similar journey of faith and personal growth. Engage in meaningful discussions, share victories and challenges, and receive uplifting support that will fuel your progress and keep you motivated.

If you are ready to grow closer to God and more excited about your relationship with Jesus Christ, then join The Everyday Disciple Club today!

For the price of a takeout meal, you can get spiritually fed for the whole month!

The Everyday Disciple Club is for you if you want:

✅ To restore your delight in Jesus and create a doable and sustainable Bible study habit that actually works for your life

✅ To feel close and connected to your Heavenly Father, knowing your valuable and loved by Him

✅ To confidently hear the voice of the Lord and take a leap of faith into your calling

✅ To fully understand the grace, freedom, and security you have in Jesus Christ

✅ A supportive group of women where you feel like you belong and can be open and honest with

✅ To be freed from your own expectations and the perfectionism trap

The Club may not be for you if you don't want to:

❌ Focus on your spiritual walk with God

❌ Do the work of implementing changes in your life and building new habits

❌ Be held accountable to your goals by another person


Why isn’t this free?

The Everyday Discipleship Club isn’t just a Bible study – it’s a coaching group. In The Club, you’ll receive group coaching by a certified coach to help you rebuild your mindset and habits while supporting you through the process. 

We have also found that when people put a little skin in the game, they take their commitments and action steps more seriously during their time in The Club.

Why would this work for me if other things haven’t?

Whether you have tried to commit to more Bible study, prayer, podcasts, church attendance, and even small groups, you probably fell into the perfectionism trap and got overwhelmed with keeping up with your expectations around studying God’s word. We’ve all been there.

And you probably didn’t build the connections you need to keep chasing after God wholeheartedly. Many Christians aren’t plugged into a community that provides the fellowship God designed us to have. God created us to be relational because having a community you can lean on for support and accountability helps you reach your goals and grow closer to Him.

The Everyday Discipleship Club helps you connect with women just like you and release you from your overwhelming expectations around Bible study. When you join The Club, you’ll find that we don’t hold you to arbitrary standards around your relationship with God but instead support you as you find sustainable ways to dig into God’s Word.

What makes you qualified to help me?

Great question! I’m a certified coach with Achology and a certified Revelation Wellness Instructor where I learned how to study the Word of God like other theologians and teachers called to spread the gospel.

I also take my responsibility as a mentor very seriously, and I love each and every client that the Holy Spirit connects me to.

What happens after I hit “Join the Club Now"?

Once you hit “Join the Club Now,” you’ll be taken to our secure payment portal. There, you just enter your card information and hit purchase. 

After you purchase a plan, you’ll receive an email to create a login that gives you instant access to our Resource Portal. In the Resource Portal, you’ll find a link to the private Facebook group and the exclusive library filled with Bible studies, study tools, life tools, and call recordings. That’s it, you’ll be in!

Can I cancel the annual plan?

With the annual plan, you’re committing to being in the program for the full year. If you ever cancel, you will retain access for the remainder of the year, but won’t be charged for the following year.

Can I upgrade to the annual plan from the monthly plan?

Absolutely! Feel free to try The Everday Discipleship Club for a couple of months with the monthly plan before committing to the annual plan. That way, you know whether you want to hang out with us for the full year. 

What’s your refund policy?

We do not offer any refunds because you receive instant access to our exclusive library.

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