Private Coaching

You try to pray, and you try to read your Bible, but something is missing.

  • You've heard all the verses that tell you that you are loved and a new creation. But you definitely don't feel it.
  • You wish you felt more "Christian". 
  • You wish you actually liked reading your Bible and going to church. 
  • You wish you didn't feel so guilty.

God just feels so far away.

You're not alone, sister. In fact, I've been there.


  • You wake up in the morning, and you are looking forward to opening your Bible.
  • You actually enjoy your private prayer time, and you aren't nervous when someone asks you to pray aloud!
  • You start to recognize the work of God in the most surprising places
  • You are more familiar with what God's Word says, and it is getting easier and easier to make decisions that line up with what it says
  • You realize that you aren't near as irritated as you used to be, and you're kinder to your husband, and kids, and coworkers

If you find yourself spiritually stuck and stagnant, then private discipleship coaching is for you.

Here's what we'll cover:

Where are you?
You may feel like you’re lost wandering in the wilderness right now, but that’s okay! We’ll spend some time unpacking where you are and what is holding you back from the Lord. We’ll look at your spiritual history and where you are now and together build a vision for your spiritual life.

Who told you that?
In this step we’ll attack the lies you have been believing about God and yourself, and learn how to rewrite those lies with the Truth of God’s Word. We’ll dig into the attributes of God, what He says about you, the real reason you were created, and more.

Where are you going?
This is where it really gets fun! We’ll start working through specific tools and processes to help you not only open your Bible and pray consistently, but to be excited about it! We’ll establish habits for the days that everything goes right, and also create a plan for when things go haywire.

What you get:

  • 60 days of weekly Zoom calls with text and email support between calls
  • A private portal where you can access tools and resources during your journey.
  • Any physical tools required as a part of your customized plan.
  • A personal, customized, Biblical plan and support to help you grow in Christ. 

Have questions? Click Learn More to read what past clients have to say, read the FAQ's, and schedule a FREE first call with me! 

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