Fall In Love With God's Word

Have you ever felt stupid reading your Bible?

Have you ever dreaded your Bible time because you just couldn't get into it?

Have you ever felt guilty because reading your Bible was just another task that you couldn't wait to check off of your list?

Then this plan is for you! 

I've been in all of those situations, and Psalm 119 changed all of that for me. Now I love reading my Bible, I dread the end of my Bible time each day, and I even love it when I read something I don't understand! All of this is because of the example set for us in Psalm 119.

Through Psalm 119 you'll find that its author praises God for His law, His character, and His faithfulness. It's full of the author's desire to love Him and His commands even more. And because of that, we know how to pray for the same thing. 

Join me on a walk through Psalm 119 as you Fall In Love With God's Word.

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