Blog The Biggest Mistake You Might Make When Setting Goals

The Biggest Mistake You Might Make When Setting Goals


Many of us are gearing up to set some goals for the upcoming year. It's that time when we aspire to achieve our heart's desires or simply read more books in the new year. You know what's amazing? Seeing hope and enthusiasm flooding our social media feeds. It's such a fantastic sight!

Personally, I absolutely love witnessing my friends look ahead with hope and excitement. It's incredible how growth and progression are fundamental human needs. Setting goals and striving towards them is like a form of self-care.

But here's the thing: we often end up making a significant mistake.

As Christians, we're called to do things differently from the rest of the world. However, we frequently follow worldly advice, don't we? Now, there's nothing wrong with Christians setting goals, as long as we approach it the right way.

Before diving headfirst into building our vision, creating our dream life or business, and mapping out our desires, smart goals, and milestones, there's a crucial step we must take.

We need to delve into the Word of God and discover what HIS goals are for us.

When we become children of God, we receive the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit works within us, pruning and nurturing us to become more like Jesus. Additionally, we're given the mission to share the good news with others. God has already crafted a vision and purpose for His children – that includes you and me.

Each one of us will fulfill this goal and purpose in a unique way because we have distinct personalities, gifts, and life experiences. However, here's the catch: if our personal goals don't align with God's plan, we'll find ourselves trapped on a frustrating hamster wheel. We'll keep running and running without experiencing any growth or progress.

You see, by merely setting goals and asking God to join us, we miss the point entirely. Instead, we should strive to align ourselves with where God is already working and ask Him to guide us in joining Him there. Let's pray and seek God's guidance in setting goals that place us right in the midst of His plan, allowing us to fulfill our mission of sharing Jesus with others and bringing glory to God. Trust me, when we follow God's plan instead of our own, the rewards are far greater!

So, my friend, as you set your goals, remember to seek God's wisdom and align them with His purpose for your life. Here's to an exciting and fulfilling journey ahead!


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